Feb 2013  

Sauk City Fire Department

Sauk City Fire adds new Engine to the Fleet                                                                                                                                     


With time, departments will find that they need to replace or upgrade their equipment.  Sauk City Fire did just that.  With more than 172 square miles within the District, the Department has the need to provide coverage in the rural setting as well as the more populated areas.  The added feature of four wheel drive will help the department meet the demands of the District in a responsible manor.




Contact Chief Breunig - SCFDChief@merr.com 
President Tom Wipperfurth - twipp@charter.net   

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Serving Seven Communities Including:

  • The Village of Sauk City
  • The Township of Honey Creek
  • The Township of Prairie du Sac
  • The Township of Roxbury
  • The Township of Sumpter
  • The Township of Troy
  • The Township of West Point
  • The Township of Honey Creek


District Reps

Over 170 square miles - Click on Map to see District

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