Sauk City and the Sauk Fire District

Firefighting and Sauk City go hand in hand.  Most modern fire stations were constructed in the 1950s.  Holding the unofficial title of "The oldest organized volunteer fire department in Wisconsin" taking structure in 1854 when Sauk City was also incorporated, the original fire station followed in 1854. Growing from a single "hand pumper" to a fleet of current  state of the art equipment including a new Pierce Rescue Pumper, a Pierce 100' Ladder Platform, Tanker (tender) water support and off-road utility vehicles to support the often rural fire and rescue efforts

Fire History

Many communities follow their fire history by the "Big One's" (the fires that mark history).  Sauk can also list the critical fires that have changed the landscape and structure of the community.  Sauk City can also lay claim to building several of the early "fire engines" of the day. 

A Sauk City manufacturer built what was know as the "Grass Premier" fire engine.  While only three were ever manufactured, the style and concept was replicated across the country.  The Sauk City Fire Department has ownership of all three originals, with two of them restored with great care.

 Sauk City Grass Premier
  1924 Grass Premier Manufactured in Sauk City

 View of Water Street in Sauk City

Water street Sauk City looks similar to most river towns built on industry and innovation.  Sauk City is just 18 miles northwest of Madison on U.S. Highway 12.

The 2000 census showed a population of just over 3,100 Village residence.  Founded in 1840 when Agoston Haraszthy purchase a plot of land and called it Szeptaj, Hungarian for "beautiful place".  In 1849 the name was changed to Westfield and then in 1852 the name took of Sauk City.

Count Haraszthy, as known to locals, took at hand at growing grapes and making wine.  A tradition held in high regard today with world class wine from Wollersheim winery.