2015 Roster of Apparatus

2015 Pierce Engine

2009 Pierce Rescue Pumper-PUC

1500 GPM Pump
 750 Gallon Tank 
Compressed Air, Class A Foam
1997 Pierce Sabre Engine
1750 GPM Pump
 750 Gallon Tank 
Class A Foam
1994 Chevy K3500
200 Gallon Tank
250 GPM Pump

2002 Ford Crown Victory
Officer Car
2001 International Tender
2000 Gallon Tank
500 GPM Portable Pump
1995 International
2000 Gallon Tank
500 GPM Portable Pump

1924 Grass Premier
Specialized Equipment
1992 Spartan/LT1 100 Ft Platform
2000 GPM Pump -  300 Gallon Tank
2001 Chevy Suburban
Polaris 6X6, 70 Gallon Tank - 150 GPM Pump


Fire Service Equipment

The average life expectance of a Fire Engine or support truck is 25 years.  In 2015, the Department ordered a 2015 Pierce Four Wheels drive engine.

Future needs are created by the demand of the district.  The 1992 Spartan/LT1 100 Ft Platform was added to meet the expanded industrial buildings within the support area.

The 2002 Ford Crown Victoria was purchased as a retired Police car by donations and fund raising by the department.  Taking the stress off of other needed equipment to provide reasonable transportation for training and officer meetings.  Thus allowing the department to keep other vehicles in service.