Our District Support is what Makes us Strong - Current Representatives are:

President: Sean O'Conner    Town of West Point

Vice President: Mark Hintz   Town of Honey Creek 

Secretary: Bill Niemi            Town of West Point

Treasurer: Vic Lochner         Village of Sauk City

Don Gieck                           Town of Honey Creek

Dave Lundgren                     Town of Prairie du Sac

Eric Peterson                       Town of Prairie du Sac

Nick Ganser                         Town of Roxbury

Jerome Ballweg                    Town of Roxbury

Dave Lohr                             Town of Sumpter

Pete Mullen                          Town of Sumpter

Ed Larson                             Town of Troy    

John Ederer                           Town of Troy

Mike Wipperfurth                   Village of Sauk City

Tom Mahoney                       Village of Sauk City

Norbert Hardtke                     Village of Sauk City

Robert Kissak                       Badger Army Ammo Plant

Douglas Breunig                    Fire Chief, Sauk City Fire Department


Chief Doug Breunig

Doug Breunig was elected Chief in 2009 after being active in the department since 1979.  Doug had held other ranking positions, such as, 1st. Assistant Chief and 2nd Assistant Chief within his span of service.

Doug understands that the demands of the chief come from many directions.  He has the leadership responsibility of the department, the social aspect to the community and the administrative role to the common Board's and communities the department serves.

Contact Chief Breunig - SCFDChief@merr.com